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Feature Artists

Victor Tan

Victor Tan, a practicing sculptor, earned himself a reputation in the art scene with his unusual and persistent choice of medium, wire. His work is characterized by the use of wire and wire alone. Coupled with his unique techniques, which he employs with great success, he investigates existential ideas about humanity, the isolation of the human emotions in the moment, and through the passage of time and life. Sculpture to him, is a way of exploring and experiencing the constant change and movement around him. For Victor, each change, each movement, each experience suggests a new possibility.

The majority of Victor’s sculptures have been centered on the human figure, with other works of fishes, birds, horses etc. His earliest pieces seemed to express a language or voice which Victor uses to work through his anxieties and traumas. Or perhaps a therapy even to release his inner fears and thoughts, through a language that words  do not express. Creating sculpture at this point in his art practice is about healing,  seeking happiness, about contemplation and finding meanings in life.

Victor Tan_Photo by Alecia Neo.jpg

Photo by Alecia Neo

Selected Works
Victor Tan The Head participation A.jpg

Born Again (2017)

Steel wire

Vine and Branches Tree (2015)

Steel wire


Vine and Branches (2015)

Steel wire

The Head (2013)

Steel wire

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