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About T.H.E.O.

Training | Heritage | Exhibitions | Outreach

T.H.E.O. Arts Professionals work with artists and organizations to produce curated art projects for various audiences, from museums and art fairs to art spaces and community outreach.

Established in 2011, we create programmes to enable people in the arts–artists and creators, and for sustainable, socially-responsible corporate art programmes. With years of experience in professional practice, curatorial and gallery work, T.H.E.O. is acting on its vision to grow arts communities by creating and curating programmes, exhibitions and spaces that promote deeper cultural and heritage value for society.

T.H.E.O. has been appointed programme curator to the Young Talent Programme at ION Art since 2012. We also created a popular talk series The Art Week Conversations during Singapore Art Week (2015-19), and the Collectors Conversations (2019). Our recent curated projects include:


Artspace@Helutrans and under a National Arts Council grant

REUNITE (2019)

Young Talent Programme, ION Art & Affordable Art Fair

SOO PIENG: Master of Composition (2019)

Co-curated by Seah Tzi-Yan with Singapore Tyler Print Institute

SOO PIENG: Drawings, a Centenary Reflection (2017)

The Singapore Art Show (2016)

with Teo Eng Seng, Eng Tow, Chng Seok Tin, Tang Da Wu and Yeo Hoe Koon


Young Singapore Artists (2013-2016)

with Lavender Chang, Mintio and Noor Iskandar

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