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Tay Ining

Tay Ining (b. 1988, Singapore) works at a metalworking shop. As an artist, she explores the neglected creative potential of fabrication industries in Singapore. Her sculptural works examine the phenomena of physical materials, the linguistics of depicted objects, and the extension of psycho-motor skills. They are inspired by her encounters with the transformation of metal in the factory. While she figures the potentials of metalworking, juggles her artistic visions and craftsmanship, she also helps other creatives realise their projects through the use of her metal workshop’s facilities. Being a collaborator helps her to discover ways in which different fields of study can align together.

Ining did her B.F.A. at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media in 2011, majoring in Interactive Media. She is a participant of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology GAMBIT (2010) program and a recipient of the National University of Singapore SHAPE (2014) grant, both of which were work residency in the United States. She is granted the Noise Singapore Award (2015) by the National Art Council to hold her first solo exhibition at the ION Art's Young Talent Programme Winners' Solo (2017).








Free Ripe Food Rots Fast,

Young Talent Programme Winners’ Solo Orchard ION Art, Singapore

Group Exhibitions/ Collaboration

Safe Exit, New Media Installation Collaborating with Shawn Chua Ming Ren & Ada Adhiyatma

State of Motion, Asian Film Archive, Singapore

Auditory Intimacy, Scenography

Collaborating with Jereh Leung, Jing Ng, Irfan Kasban, Alfonse Chiu & Hoo Kuan Cien

Dance Nucleus, Singapore

The only paradise is paradise lost,

Artist-run Stamford Arts Centre, Singapore

RAID, Artist-run,

Singapore Art Week Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter, Singapore 2016


Young Talent Programme,

Affordable Art Fair Affordable Art Fair, Singapore 2016


Untapped Emerging,

Visual Arts Development Association (VADA) Shophouse 5, Singapore

OH! Potong Pasir,

OH! Open House Potong Pasir, Singapore


Dancing on the spot, Artist-run

Mettle Work, Singapore

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